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Address: 54 Jüri Võru

Postal code: 65604 
Reg. code 75020003
Phone: 782 0157
Director: Inga Kuljus
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The Central Library of Võru County (the library) is administered by Võru Town Government. Library ensures free access to information, supports lifelong learning and self-improvement. It collects, preserves and makes available different publications, audiovisual materials, public databases and other documents to the reader. Foundation services are: reading room loan, outside loan and access to public information. These services are free of charge.

We were the first public library who in 1995 put into practice an automated library program called "Kirjasto 3000". In the beginning of 2004 a software program "RIKS" was launched and in May, it was in the use known as electronic lending from the outside loan department. Web catalog RIKSWEB solution enables to search items from the library literature collection, renew the due date and reserve items. Readers can borrow books, CDs, audio books and vinyl records.

Library is situated in Võru, 54 Jüri Str on the 2nd and 3rd floor and has 1481,28 m2 floor area to be used.

1) acquisition department
2) adult service department
3) children's department
4) economic department

Children's department on the 2nd floor serves children up to 15 years and everybody else interested in children's literature. In addition children's books can be borrowed from three service locations- kindergartens called Okasroosike, Punamütsike and Päkapikk in Võru town. Various events and book exhibitions present books both to children and adults. Reading room offers diverse and developing ways to spend time. There is a possibility to organize exhibitions related to children's culture in the hall called „Tähesaal”.

On Tuesdays literature.club „Kella Kahe Kirjandusklubi” has its events on the 2nd floor in "Thinking Room".

The 3rd floor is adult service area with its 34 places in the reading room and outside loan service. It is possible to the readers to choose books from shelves.
Exhibitions are on view in the conference hall. Seminars, meetings with writers, book presentations, lectures and other events for librarians take place there as well.
Access to computers and public information are located both on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Library organizes work of 37 libraries' of Võru County in the following areas:
• acquires, accounts and processes items;
• arranges bibliographic reference service to Võru County residents;
• collects and preserves publications about Võru County;
• compiles historic database;

• advises librarians from the county and organizes their professional training;
• organizes statistical reporting and analyzes libraries;
• organizes conferences, seminars and exhibitions.