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§ 1. General provisions

(1) Rules of users of The Central Library of Võru County (hereinafter library) regulate how to use the library and its services as well as rights and obligations of readers.
(2) The foundation library services are reading room loan, outside loan and access to public information through the public data communication network. Foundation services are free of charge.
(3) Library services can be used by anyone except:
1) persons who have been deprived of the right of lending library items to home;
2) persons whose books became overdue;
(4) Special services are priced. The prices of special services are set by Võru Town Government.
(5) The use of library computers is regulated by the order of library director.

§ 2. Registration of readers

(1) Library readers are registered in library database once and identity document or student card is required for this purpose.
(2) Registration card of reader has the following information:
1) name and surname;
2) the personal identification number;
3) residential address;
4) telephone number;
5) e-mail address.
(3) Reader confirms the registration card where she/he agrees to comply with the rules and agrees with personal data processing.
(4) Data written by reader to the registration card is added to the reader's database by the librarian.
(5) Children under the age of 16 are registered as readers in children’s department and their registration card has to be signed by parent or guardian.
(6) Library card is given to the registered reader and it has to be accompanied at every visit to the library. The card can be used only by the card owner.
(7) Reader is obliged to inform library about the changes of her/his data and loss of the library card. Replacing the library card that has been lost or become unusable through the fault of the reader is payable by the reader.
(8) The reader's re-registration and data verification are performed every year during the readers’ first visit to the library.
(9) Debtors are re-registered after liquidation of debts.

§ 3. Use of readers’ data

(1) Information about reader is used to identify the reader, provide library services and for statistical purposes.
(2) Library ensures the protection of personal data and does not give the information to third parties except in cases prescribed by law.

§ 4. Use of library items

(1) Depending on the type of items, the following loan periods are established: books - 21 days, periodicals and audiovisual documents - 7 days. New books and items may have a shorter lending period if the item is in low supply and the demand for the item is high.
(2) Readers have the possibility of extending loan deadline if the items are not in demand among the other readers. Extending the deadline is possible in the library, though the phone and e-mail or through the public online access catalog RIKSWEB.
(3) Debtors can not borrow new items or renew the due date of borrowed items.
(4) Library can prohibit the right of lending items for one year from the reader who has not returned the items for the due date.
(5) If there is reader’s e-mail address in library database, an email is automatically sent before the arrival of the due date.
(6) After the passed deadline an overdue notice is sent to the reader’s e-mail address or by mail or reader is informed by phone. Notifications by phone and mail are payable by reader. Overdue notice includes the title (s) of borrowed item (s) and overdue date.
(7) Reference books, the only copies of popular items, new periodicals and rare materials may not be borrowed for home reading.
(8) People living outside of Võru county can not loan home non- fiction items and items with high demand.
(9) Items not available in the library collection can be requested through the Interlibrary Loan System (ILS) from other libraries in Estonia. Expenses are paid by reader.

§ 5 Reader’s rights

(1) Items held in the collection of library may be used both inside the library and for home lending.
(2) Reader has the right to borrow maximum five items at a time.
(3) Reader has the possibility to be added to a waiting list for non- fiction books for only one book at a time. The book is held in the library for 3 days. By the arrival of the book the reader is informed by e-mail or by phone. Notification by phone is charged. If the reader does not come to borrow the book within three working days the item is lent to the next person in the order.
(4) Reader can return overdue books free of charge in the first working day of every month but reader has to pay for previous overdue charges and other special services. Library informs readers about additional free-of-charge days on the notice board in library and on library website.
(5) Reader has the right to receive a login password to RIKSWEB and ask the individual user training for information search in RIKSWEB from librarians.

§ 6 Responsibility of reader

(1) Reader has to check the condition of the item she/he wants to borrow, reader notifies librarian about damaged item before borrowing it. If damages of the item are discovered in the course of returning the document, then reader is considered to be responsible for it.
(2) Reader is required to return the lent items by the due date.
(3) If reader fails to return a lent item by the due date, the library requires a fee for the period of delay (overdue charge). The overdue charge does not apply to children under age 15.
(4) If damaged or failure in returning the item, reader is required to replace the item or pay ten times the price of the lent item.
(5) Reader is required to comply with orders of library staff under these rules.
(6) Reader is financially responsible for the damaged items, devices and other library’s inventory she/he uses.

§ 7 Rules in public rooms

(1) Readers are required to behave orderly and observe the silence in library. Activities likely to damage library’s property and disturb other visitors are not permitted.
(2) It is forbidden in any way to violate the public order, including to get lost in generally accepted practices and good manners in library.
(3) Entry to the library with roller-skates, skateboards or bicycles, etc is not allowed nor may animals (except for guide dogs for blind), weapons, ammunition, explosives, easily flammable substances, dirty or offensively smelling objects be brought in.
(4) Librarians have the right to refuse to provide services to persons who violate these rules and regulations and to demand the departure from the library. If the situation demands, the librarian can call out a security guard or the police.
(5) Library does not accept any responsibility for unattended personal things.